Yakima SmarT-slot T-spår till HighSpeed & HighRoad

Yakima SmarT-slot Kit 1 T-spår till HighSpeed & HighRoad



210 kr

Ta din HighSpeed eller HighRoad cykelhållare till nästa nivå med SmarT-Slot Kit 1.
Detta utrustningskit ersätter standardmonteringsutrustningen för att möjliggöra direkt fastsättning av din cykelhållare i en T-spårskanal på ditt takräcke.
Det passar till Yakimas & Thules takräcken samt de flesta andra T-spårs-takräcken på marknaden.

YAKIMA (Whispbar)

Regardless of your destination or adventure, Yakima helps get you, your mates and all your gear there, allowing you to focus on what really matters—creating memories to last a lifetime.

Our Culture
Here at Yakima we believe in connecting you, your friends, family and all your favourite gear to your desired destination or activity.
Doesn’t matter if you are headed out for camping, biking, hitting the water or the slopes or taking the family on a holiday road trip. Yakima believes that any life adventure, regardless of the destination, creates shared experiences and memories for you, your family and friends. When the road winds back home, the memories and connections with friends and family remain long after the trip is over. Yakima will handle all your gear, with our Yakima roof racks, LockN’Load systems and roof boxes.

Our Values
We believe in connecting you, your mates, family and all your favourite gear to your desired destination or activity. Yakima will handle all your gear, freeing up space in your car, so you can take more mates and create more memories.

Our first consideration when designing a new product is the people who will be using it. We consider the challenges people may face when trying to carry their favourite gear and focus on designing innovative solutions. This approach makes Yakima products intuitive, long-lasting and easy-to-use.

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